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What We Do

How we'll craft your unforgettable offsite


Destination Planning

Odysseus had his Ithaca. So will you have a destination. 

Will it be the cosmopolitan Athens, the beating heart of modern Greece?

Will it be rustic Crete, with its mix of mountains, coastline, and traditional food?

Or will it be Santorini, with its breathtaking views, world-famous wines, and white-and-blue houses?



Unlike Odysseus, your Odyssey will not be filled with trials and tribulations.

It will be full of experiences and memories.

We'll work together to understand what these experiences and memories will be.

Then, we'll craft your Odyssey for you. Leave the details to us.


Accommodation & Working

Slick and modern. Cozy and intimate. Downtown. By the beach. You decide, and we'll find the perfect home away from home for you.

As for work, perhaps you need a conference room for a board meeting. Or a co-working space for collaborative projects. Or maybe an event space, for a presentation or awards ceremony. Whatever it is you need, we'll find the right fit!


Whether you prefer a historical tour of Athens, a day of adventure by the sea, or a gastronomic journey, we can arrange all sorts of activities for you and your team.


Moreover, should you need a larger space for a presentation, reception, or event, just let us know! We'll find one that's just right.



To make your Next Offsite truly memorable, we have a host of services for you to choose from! 


We like to keep pricing simple and transparent. We charge €200 per person per offsite. This includes everything from the initial proposal to post-offsite retrospectives.


​Note that this does not include the cost of transport, accommodation, dining, or any other activity. While we'll help you organize everything, you'll pay for it yourself.


​Add-ons such as branding, swag, and photo/videography can also be arranged, with price to be agreed upon with the collaborator of your choosing.



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